In these times of uncertainty, division, and irrationality, it is exceedingly important to remember to treat each other with compassion, dignity and respect.  There has never been a problem solved through deception, or listening with a closed mind. 


Because of the struggles so many of us are facing right now, The Padme Company is offering a simple reminder to speak, listen, and act with logic, rationality and honesty. 


We are asking all of our patrons to support the #letsbraceforchange movement, and in doing so have developed our “Unified Collection” made from the highest quality sodalite stones.


Sodalite is the stone of logic, rationality and truth.  This stone helps bridge gaps in communication by reminding us to be honest and rational in our thoughts, actions and conversations.  Here at The Padme Company, this stone also holds a very special meaning…. Togetherness.  Our “Unified Collection” looks like miniature globes.  What better way to remind us all that we are all in this together than to wear our earth, that we all share, around our wrists.


Because of the let’s brace for change movement, The Padme Company will be automatically delivering 2 “Unified” bracelets to you with every order you place from our “unified collection.”  The goal is that you will then gift the second bracelet to someone.  This someone may be a loved one, a friend in need of some compassion, or our favorite, someone you disagree with but understand that we all are in this world together and need to help heal it together.


Visit our website at to place your order, and learn more about this movement.  Our goal is now, and always will be, to change our world one bracelet at a time. 


As always, remember to act with compassion.  You’re a Gem….. Let’s be soulmates.