Truth Single
  • Truth Single

    Lapis is the stone of truth, assisting you in both discerning and speaking the truth in all situations.  Lapis was used to entomb and decorate the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  It is a stone of royalty and spirituality.  It still carries the vibration of the inner "king" or "queen" that lies buried within us.  For those who wish to awaken that aspect of yourself, lapis is a steadfast aid in the deep inner journey.  Lapis is the stone of royalty in its truest nature, and its path of self-knowledge is the means of uncovering that truth.

    Lapis Lazuli is a stone of self-knowledge and reflection.  It helps you move out of the mundane mind and into an expanded awareness of your motivations and beliefs.  This knowledge gives you clearer perspectives on your life and creations.  It enables you to identify your gifts and abilities, as well as your limitations and opportunities for growth.

    Truth affirmation..."I communicate clearly and consciously from my deepest truth."

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