The Padme Company was created by Detroit jewelry designer and artist, Keeley Breckenridge. Keeley creates custom and personalized jewelry pieces with a little spiritual flair. All of Padme’s collections are designed to help Improve and elevate daily life, inspire, empower and heal.

Lets be soulmates…





Padme pieces are made with the highest quality Semi-Precious gemstones, Sterling Silver and Copper. Each piece is designed with Purpose and handmade with Love. Sometimes in life we need reminders…reminders to take Action, have Courage, embody Strength or bring Balance.  Having pieces around that are beautiful and have meaning, can provide a spiritual experience. When you surround yourself with items of beauty, meaning and purpose, you become centered and an extension of yourself is unfolded. Each Padme piece comes with the signature hand stamped penny. Pennies represent Good Luck and New Beginnings…the year of the penny you are gifted will have significance to you!


You're a Gem... Let's be Soulmates





All Pieces are hand crafted. The Padme Company is a local based business that is made in Detroit.  We are also heavily involved in and support local musicians and artists.  


"Always remember to act with compassion!"

-Keeley Breckenridge






“Keeley has surprised us with her ability to turn staples, such as jewelry, into personalized, meaningful delights. Her signature Wrap Bracelets are not merely jewelry, but are a genuine rebirth of a classic and filled with love, guidance, help and above all else...they are beautiful reminders.”  — Shelley B.

Jewelry for the Soul

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