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Welcome everyone.  This is Keeley's corner.  Under this tab you will find some fun and wonderful things.  As you can see we have a blog.  This is where Keeley and other industry professionals will get together and post the newest and freshest ideas about the stones we use, different scent therapies, music therapy, meditation techniques, etc.  If it is something that our company promotes or exercises, you will find information on it here. If you are ever interested in becoming a contributor, you can email us at thepadmecompany@gmail.com

Also under this tab is our Forum and Lounge.  This is where members can write back and forth, collaborate on projects, share ideas with us, look up other members, and much more.  Take your time to set up your profile, and feel free to message us directly from the chat option with any fresh ideas or comments.  Think of the lounge as your own personal miniature social media page that you can utilize to network with each other.  

Any of our subscription plans will give you full access to these areas.  If you want to make extra income, take some time and look under our Padme Soulmates tab.  This will give you full access to an abundance of new options including wholesale pricing, and a sales starter kit.